Product Information


Product Description: 4 minim oval, opaque blue color

Composition: Each capsule contains

APC complex TM Consisting of

600 mg

Methionine- bound Zinc Complex

75.00 mg

Providing Zn

15.00 mg

Ascorbic Acid

60.00 mg

D. Salina extract

20.00 mg

Providing mixed carotenoids

6.00 mg

D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate

11.53 mg

Equivalent to natural vitamin E

15 IU

Chromium Picolinate

1.04 mg

Providing Cr

0.13 mg

Features and Benefits

Each capsule contains APC Complex which consists of Methionine-bound Zinc Complex, chromium and vitamins. The Methionine-bound Zinc Complex helps to regulate oil in skin. Chromium helps remove a source of energy for the bacteria that can cause acne. Moreover, Vitamins ( i.e. Mixed carotenoids, Natural Vitamin E, and Vitamin C ) help to protect and treat acne from within. Thus, your skin will be beautiful, bright and without blemish and acne lesion.

Suggested Use

One capsule three times daily with meals

Side Effects

None noted in the literature at recommended dose.

Product Safety

All ingredients in “Acnacare” are safe and non-toxic

Pack sizes

3x10's ( blister pack )

Acnacare gel consists of natural extract. Acnacare Gel protects your skin from not only acne, but also bacteria which cause the acne. Moreover, Acnacare Gel can decrease oil entrapment in the skin and can help regeneration tissue. Acnacare Gel can also remove blemish and inflammatory acne.

Direction: Apply Acnacare Gel on your face.

Salicylic acid, Phytosphigosine, Isolutrol, Allantoin

Pack Size : 10 g in tube

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